The villages face the same health problems and challenge as any developing country. However, physical barriers to care, poor sanitation, and lack of education magnify their health problems. Infant mortality, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and gastrointestinal diseases account for the majority of morbidity and mortality in the villages. The Indian government has taken steps to provide health care for the villagers, but their efforts have fallen far short of the need. The villages receive minimal care and even less health education. Follow up is often non-existent.

With the cooperation of the Tamil Nadu Foundation and Town Hall , VICYA conducted 10 rural Eye camps in this year, including optometry camps for the elderly, in villages that have no hospitals or primary health-care facilities. Care is provided for 200 - 300 patients in each camp.Free medicines and spectacles were also provided for deserving patients, cataract cases were referred to Dr.Agarwal Hospital(Chennai) for free surgery.

In addition, with the support of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Directorate of the Public health and Preventive Medicine, VICYA has trained over 200 rural women in first aid and maternal child health. Trainees attend a workshop staffed by local physicians and health care workers. They also visit hospitals and village primary health centers to observe delivery of immunization, obstetrics, leprosy treatment, tuberculosis treatment, and basic first aid. Each trainee acts as a health resource for her village. She educates other members of the community about the importance of hygienic food preparation, nutrition during pregnancy, immunizations, mosquito control, and other health issues. She assists in home deliveries and provides basic first aid. Essentially, she is a triage nurse providing care for simple problems while referring more serious problems to the appropriate facility. Other village communities have requested training for their members, but unfortunately, due to lack of funds, the government has discontinued the training programs.

Finally, VICYA is dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and to assisting the victims of the virus and their children. We have joined forces with the International Services Association (INSA) to educate rural adolescents about HIV/AIDS. Using a didactic, interactive approach, we have educated several thousand 13-16-year-olds at government schools located near the villages about the epidemiology, biology, transmission, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. We assess comprehension using pre- and post-tests. Students generally miss 5-6 questions on the pre-test; most score 100% on the post-test. Health care workers are present to answer students' questions. Furthermore, in cooperation with INSA,VHS, TANSACS.VICYA also conducts workshops, seminars, rallys, for students, genereal public and vulnerable groups in observance of World AIDS Day.